This programme is devised to support learners to develop the appropriate knowledge, skills and competence relevant to the support needs of people who have Autism whether they have received a diagnosis or not.


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It provides a learning environment where learners can develop a specific understanding of Autism and Intellectual Disabilities and how it impacts on their social, behavioural and physical challenges. It will highlight issues such as how individuals often display unusual behaviors and interests, unusual ways of learning and paying attention, and impaired verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Topics covered in this module include:

  1. Examining the key aspects of Autism, to gain an overview of the diagnosis criteria, assessment and effective intervention
  2. Understanding the 4 types of impairments and how they impact on a persons day to day life.
  3. Understand the causes and behavioural characteristics of Autism and how best to support a person using positive approaches
  4. Overcome the challenges of communication using verbal and non-verbal skills
  5. Support and organise a persons day so they can cope better with the challenges of daily living and daily interaction with others
  6. Enrich the role of the direct support worker and provide a more thorough understanding of how they can utilise their skills to support people with Autism to live more independent and fulfilling lives
  7. Support Direct Support Worker to develop a range of positive approaches when supporting a person who has Autism


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