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Building Employee Capability and Performance Bundle – PICS and Registered Providers



Employee Dispute Resolution: Mediation through Peer Review

In this course, you will learn about the peer review process, which includes a statement being filed, gathering evidence, creating the peer review panel, conducting the peer review hearing, and making a decision.

Performance Management: Managing Employee Performance

In this course, you will learn about the Shared Management Model, which helps the manager transfer motivation and responsibility for results to the employee. This course will cover all three phases of the model: preparing the employee for the job, motivating them to do it, and evaluating their performance.

Employee Recognition: Appreciating Your Workforce

Here you are going to learn just what an employee recognition program is all about. Youre going to consider who falls under the definition of an employee and then decide why you should provide recognition for them. You will also look at the types of recognition programs, how to lay the foundation for one, and then how to actually build, implement, and follow up on a program in your office.

Employee Accountability

You will begin this course by exploring what accountability is all about and some recent events that have caused people to look at accountability more closely. Then, youll learn ways to build accountability and ownership in your organization and make yourself more accountable. Supporting skills, like goal setting, feedback, and delegation, are also covered.
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