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Dealing with Difficult Issues Bundle – PICS and Registered Providers



Code of Conduct: Setting the Tone for Your Workplace

Over the duration of this course, you will learn the whys and whats of a workplace code of conduct. You learn why they are needed, who they apply to, how to develop and implement one, and how to train employees on it.

Marijuana and the Workplace: Issues, Impacts and Responsibilities

In this course, you are going to learn about marijuana, its effects on the individual, and the potential impact in the workplace. You will consider medical marijuana, the rights and obligations of employees and employers, and the intervention process as you deal proactively by having a comprehensive drug and alcohol policy.

Anger Management: Understanding Anger

This course will help you identify how anger is affecting you. You will also learn about the anger process, trigger thoughts, behavior types, and coping strategies.

Tough Topics: Talking to Employees about Personal Hygiene

This course has two major themes. First, well give you a customizable framework for having tough conversations. Then, well look at some common tough conversations that come up, including body odor, flatulence, poor clothing and hair decisions, and bad breath.

Workplace Violence: How to Manage Anger and Violence in the Workplace

In this course, you will learn a nine-stage plan to help organizations prevent violence. You will also learn how to respond to violent incidents, manage anger, and implement design and hiring practices that will keep employees safe.
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