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Understanding and Supporting Individuals with ADHD


Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a well-documented neurological disorder: an individual’s brain develops and functions differently with ADHD and this can often mean that children and adults who have it, can present with symptoms that are difficult to understand, and can be frustrating for those trying to provide support to them.

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ADHD, Understanding and Supporting Individuals. This programme is designed to provide frontline staff, parents, teachers and SNA’s with a complete understanding of their symptoms, how it impacts on their day to day lives and on the lives of those around them including the diagnostic criteria, treatment options and creative responses and resources.  Strategies for appropriate support and education of children and young people with will also be addressed

The format of this programme is below.

  • Unit 1: About ADHD
  • Unit 2: Symptoms
  • Unit 3: Impact
  • Unit 4: Strategies to Overcome Symptoms
  • Unit 5: Coexisting Conditions
  • Unit 6: Treatments Additional Resources


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