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Non Verbal Communication



In order for successful communication to occur, there needs to be a shared system of communication between all parties. Without this messages may be misunderstood and this can lead to frustration…


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This of particular concern when supporting individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, who often do not understand language or how to use it in the appropriate context. This Non Verbal Communication programme is designed to provide frontline staff, parents, teachers or SNA,s to gain insight and creative responses and resources to communicate with individuals who relyon non-verbal communication.

The Non Verbal Communication Module provides learners with a range of tools and resources to support improvements in basic and best practice communication with people with communication difficulties and those with the most complex needs.

  1. Understand the impact of non-verbal communication
  2. Understand the definition of body language and non-verbal communication
  3. Guidelines for observing non-verbal communication
  4. Apply non-verbal communication principles
  5. Construct non-verbal and visual messages, aids, images and environments that promote interpersonal communication to support people who do not use language to be included in decision making, and day to day conversations.

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