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Supporting People with Epilepsy


The Supporting People with Epilepsy training programme supports the development of competence in direct support workers to support individuals with learning disabilities and epilepsy. Epilepsy is recognised as the most common comorbid condition in adults with learning disabilities and is strongly linked to a person’s level of cognitive impairment, with a lifetime prevalence of:


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Objectives of the Supporting People with Epilepsy Module includes:

  1. Explain the causes of epilepsy
  2. Describe the management of  a person before, during and after a seizure Describe the process of recording the seizure in the persons file
  3. Identify and correctly respond to prolonged seizures and emergency situations
  4. Specially describe Status Epilepticus, the unpredictable nature of the condition, some of the most likely circumstances when it could occur
  5. Explain / educate people with learning disabilities and epilepsy about their condition  using easy read guides


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